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Why spend hours maintaining complex taxonomies or sifting through your file system when there is a better way?

Knowledge360® is the time-saving solution that helps savvy business professionals make smarter, faster decisions.

Automatic tagging of news, press releases, and your documents, highlights key trends, giving you greater insight into your data. Knowledge360® uses natural language processing (NLP) to differentiate terms based on context. This means it knows the difference between Apple the company and apple the fruit, ensuring you the most relevant results.

Identify new entrants faster than ever before and flag them for further review or ongoing monitoring. Find out what is happening in your market right now by tracking keyword density and digging deeper into spikes in the trend line.

Quickly review trending topics and subscribe to proactive alerts on the news that matters to you.

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Using Knowledge360, a researcher or analyst can find all the information they  need on any given topic and build out dashboards for ongoing monitoring in 20  minutes or less. Find out how.

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