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We are constantly and consistently publishing content about how to use competitive intelligence to improve strategy, and how monitoring is an incredibly important part of that strategy.

We've spent plenty of time telling you all about the great benefits of Knowledge360 and how it helps you to collect, discover, analyze, and collaborate across your organization. Well, we want to make sure you know we eat our own dog food.


We use our own platform to monitor our competition and help us execute our competitive strategy more effectively. 

Demystifying the CI Software Buying Process

If you've been a part of the competitive intelligence industry for long, you'll know one very important thing: competitive intelligence software tool providers are usually not very transparent.


They don't provide a ton of details about the features of their products on their public websites, and they certainly don't publish their pricing. For most people, selecting a market and competitive intelligence software tool is an incredibly arduous and frustrating experience.

This is exactly why we've created content to help de-mystify CI software for buyers and illuminate features and pricing of such tools. Some of this content includes our CI Software Buyer's Guide and our CI Software comparison series.

We also try to provide as much detail as possible about the features, integrations and functionality of Knowledge360. Not to mention, we actually give you all the details about our pricing.

We are decidedly different than the majority of CI Software vendors in this approach. So, unless someone tells us, we actually don't really know how much other CI Software providers are charging for their tools.

Uncovering Hidden Gems with Knowledge360

However, we have some powerful tools at our disposal to alert us, should any of this information come to light. And that very thing happened just this week.

Crayon, one of our primary competitors, recently built an integration with HubSpot. And, for entry into the HubSpot marketplace, publishing your pricing within the marketplace is required. In order for us to catch this manually, we would have had to know about the integration, and know that HubSpot marketplace publishes pricing. It would have been easy to miss if we didn't know to look for it.

But, because we have access to one of the most powerful competitive intelligence software tools on the market, we didn't have to. Knowledge360 is regularly scouring the internet, as well as premium data sources and 600,000 global news sources. And it picked up this little gem and notified us immediately.

Now we know exactly what Crayon's starting price is, and we can continue to execute on our brand strategy of helping consumers demystify the CI software buying process.

And, boy, does eating our own dog food taste good.

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