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Cipher is excited to announce the launch of a series of innovative new features on the Knowledge360Ⓡ platform. We’re always striving to make Knowledge360 better, and we’re confident these new features will unlock new levels of value for users. 

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Features added a range of new features, including branded reports and the ability to build custom taxonomies, a new Gantt Chart widget 

These new additions will improve Marketing and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) workflows, streamline access to important competitive insights, and dramatically improve the way Knowledge360 users work with third-party M/CI vendors on specialized consulting projects. To learn more about the new features, read on.

Gantt Chart Wizard

Knowledge360 users now have the ability to build their own Gantt charts. This feature has several applications.

“We see this new feature appealing to Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers, “ says Cipher VP of Marketing John Booth. 

Those using Knowledge360 can now visualize product development timelines or project management plans with other key market and competitive intelligence. These Gantt charts can be included in custom dashboards, shared with the wider team, and can feature both competitor data as well as your own internal data. 

Gantt Chat

Taxonomy Manager

Users now have the ability to build and manage their own taxonomies within Knowledge360. For organizations with complex taxonomies, this is particularly valuable, and will enable users to realize significantly more value from Knowledge360. New additions to the taxonomy manager are included into the tagging of content, making it easier to locate information across the Knowledge 360 platform.

taxonomy manager

Improved Search Capabilities

Users have always been able to In addition to being able to search notes, documents, news, and press releases for keywords or topics. With the new enhanced search features of K360, , users can now search their dashboards to quickly locate important information. These improved search capabilities mean that Knowledge360 users will always have quick access to important insights. 

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New Reports for Site Administrators

Site administrators can now view who has downloaded content from the Knowledge360 platform. This enables administrators to not only see who is using the platform, but also acts as a security safeguard. Site administrators are alerted if any one individual downloads a large amount of content in a short period of time, and can define the threshold for this alert.

Custom Branded Reports with Watermarks & Footers

Users have the ability to add custom watermarks and footers to reports and analytics deliverables when exporting from the Knowledge360 platform. “Analysts and research teams tell us time and again that they struggle demonstrating the ROI of intelligence and insights,” says Cipher VP Megan Rome. “Giving them the ability to brand reports and exports with a company or departmental logo can go a long way to increasing the visibility these teams have with executives across departments.”


Knowledge360: A True First Intelligence Hub

Knowledge360 is a one-stop shop for everything related to market and competitive intelligence in the organization. With a wide range of data integrations, features, and collaboration tools, Knowledge360 users enjoy a significant competitive advantage over their rivals. 

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