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Cipher is excited to announce the first in a series of innovative new features on the Knowledge360Ⓡ platform. We’re always striving to make Knowledge360 better, and we’re confident these new features will unlock new levels of value for users. 

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Features added in this latest update include an entirely new vendor management portal to manage third party research and intelligence service providers. 

All New Vendor Management Platform

Managing third-party M/CI vendors has always presented a challenge. While accessing their specialized expertise can add significant value to any M/CI initiative, the process of managing vendors is often inefficient and repetitive. Countless times, we’ve seen one department of an organization hire a third party vendor for a project very similar to one recently completed for another department. This is a complete waste of resources.70% Challenging

The new vendor management features in Knowledge360 ensure organizations can avoid this, enabling projects with external vendors to run more smoothly. Knowledge360 acts as the central CI vendor management platform for the organization, covering everything from defining the scope of the project to managing deliverables. Users can send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs), review responses to select the right partner, and use the new Docusign integration to sign a contract.

Vendors have access to their own portal, distinct from the core Knowledge360 application. Here, they can share project deliverables, manage training and compliance requirements, and interact with their client. By consolidating all vendor engagement into one location, management becomes easier, and the efficacy of projects improves dramatically. 

K360-vendor mgmt projects

As users populate Knowledge360’s vendor management platform with new projects, the tool will become a centralized repository that hosts repetitive workflows, previous vendor engagements, and feedback on vendor performance. All told, this significantly streamlines the process of working with third party CI vendors and reduces redundancies. 

These new feature additions will improve Marketing and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) workflows, streamline access to important competitive insights, and dramatically improve the way Knowledge360 users work with third party M/CI vendors on specialized consulting projects. 

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