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The insurance industry is facing an overwhelming flood of technology-driven innovation. Years of limited consumer recognition, restricted digital investments and fragmented markets have primed the insurance industry for disruption, and we are beginning to see the results. 

In a renewal and annuity based industry such as insurance, it is tempting to label industry trends as passing fads. But as insurers face disruption from more proactive innovators both inside and outside of the insurance industry, those trends become impossible to ignore. 

To capitalize on trends, providers and distributors must identify them as they develop. This means identifying influencers and learning their stories. Some come from industry giants and others from emergent startups, but one thing is consistent: none are content with business as usual. 

Below are some of the most prominent influencers driving innovation in today’s insurance market. 

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Karen Imbrogno

Karen is the Sr. Insurance Industry Strategist for Acxiom, which serves as the data foundation for the world’s largest insurance marketers and a global leader for ethical data collection. As a senior strategist, Karen connects businesses, teams and individuals to design strategies for the ever-evolving insurance market. 

Karen has over 30 years of experience in Property and Casualty (P and C) and Life Insurance, stretching from front-line customer support to strategic management. Her work includes monitoring all major insurance providers and new market entrants for potential opportunities. Karen’s extensive insurance knowledge and unique strategic position place her on the cutting edge of P&C insurance.

Jennifer Pipia

Jennifer joined MassMutual in 2012, where she is currently the Head of Competitive and Industry Intelligence. MassMutual, established in 1851, provides exceptional financial planning services and a range of insurance options for individuals and companies. 

Before MassMutual, Jennifer acted as the Vice President of Strategic Research for Merrill Lynch and the Vice President of Competitive Intelligence for TIAA-CREF. At MassMutual, Jennifer has consistently developed transformational strategies and intelligence frameworks to drive innovation in the insurance and financial services industry.  

Lindsie Green

Lindsie has been delivering up-to-date analysis and actionable strategic insights with competitive intelligence for over fourteen years. She received her Master of Library Science from Clarion University and received her B in Intelligence studies from Mercyhurst University.

Lindsie is currently a senior market and competitive analyst for CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. There, she works closely with key decision-makers to develop the strategies that keep CareFirst dominant in their Maryland and Washington D.C. market. 

Savannah Young, Ph. D.

Savannah Young, Ph. D. joined The General in April 2019 as a Design Research Strategist. Dr. Young combines a Ph. D. in Human Development and Family Science and years of rigorous ethnographic research to provide powerful insights on human behaviors. 

Dr. Young separates herself from typical strategists in the field by designing deeply humanizing solutions that engage values and beliefs to deliver disruptive innovation. 

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David Cummings

David Cummings is the Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary at USAA. USAA provides excellent investment, banking, and insurance services to members of the United States Armed Forces. 

David is also a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and serves on the CAS Board of Directors. In both roles, he continually raises actuary science and analytics standards as applied to general insurance.

Joel Kashuba

Joel Kashuba is the SVP, New Product Development for Fifth Third Bank. A strong design leader and innovation expert with a passion for igniting organizations and individuals’ creative energy, Kashuba has spent his career building innovative, global solutions. 

In all of his endeavors, Joel cultivates an energetic and ambitious environment of innovation. He pushes himself and his teams to use the financial industry as a tool to positively benefit human life. 

Howard Hayes

Howard is the Senior Vice President of Product and Service Innovation for Allstate. In his role with Allstate, he not only drives new product and service creation but also coordinates the innovation efforts of all Allstate business units. 

Hayes aggressively identifies new opportunities in the insurance industry, exemplified by his leading Allstate’s joint research program with Stanford University on AI and autonomous vehicles. He holds his MBA from Harvard Business school and an undergraduate from Dartmouth College. 

Martina Hahn

As the Chief Product Officer at The Zebra, the nation’s leading insurance comparison site, Martina Hahn optimizes how users search for, compare and purchase insurance. An advocate for minorities and women in the workplace, she is the co-founder of the employee resource group Affinity, which serves minorities, people of color, immigrants and first-generation Americans. 

In her competitive research at KAYAK, she was particularly interested in how features can lead to large impacts and solve many users’ problems. Her work with The Zebra is focused on education and helping users make the best insurance decisions. 

Drew Aldrich

Drew Aldrich has been an active member of the NYC startup community since 2008. While there, he co-founded Calendarfly.com, a collaborative calendar tool for school communities. After its success, Drew began work at AXA US in strategy, mergers and acquisitions. 

With his unique tech startup background, he helped launch AXA Strategic Ventures, a 250m independent venture capital fund. As the Managing Director, he stands as initial funding for some of the most promising insurance innovators. 

Assaf Wand

CEO of Hippo Insurance, Assaf has an impressive entrepreneurial record, with companies like Foris Telecom, Sabi, and now Hippo under his belt. Hippo Insurance brings a smart, tech-driven approach to make home insurance intuitive and proactive, and it is valued at over $1.5 billion. 

Assaf was born in Israel, where he attended law school. Shortly after, he moved to the United States and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. With Hippo, Assaf is nearly singlehandedly redefining what users demand from home insurance. 

Geoff Williams

Geoff Williams is the Vice President of Product Line Management for Allstate. He has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry and is an expert in numerous finance and product roles. 

Geoff leads the Allstate Competitive Intelligence and Data Insights Team, which facilitates Allstate’s most avant-garde developments.

Newman H. Rochester Jr.

Newman H. Rochester Jr is the Vice president of Business Development in Individual Life Insurance at Prudential Financial. He specializes in building relationships with firms, developing strategies with them, and connecting them to Prudential resources to drive profitable growth. 

Within Prudential, Newman has held several other leadership positions, including Director of Client Solutions in Sales Strategy and Business Intelligence. He is the force behind many of Prudential’s growing partners. 

Andrea Clark

As the Associate Vice President of Experience Strategy for Western & Southern Financial Group, Andrea designs strategies to connect with users at the most significant points in their lives. She does this with a model of research, measurement, empathy and journey applied to various audiences.

Beyond her work in user experience strategy, Andrea has extensive experience in omnichannel marketing and digital solutions. She continues to cultivate data-driven innovation opportunities with companies large and small, as she has for over 30 years. 

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Stacey Fabricant

Stacey Fabricant is the Associate Vice President of Marketing Research for Penn Mutual. Through a combination of qualitative, quantitative and secondary research, she helps Penn mutual make sound business decisions, identify opportunities and minimize risk.

Throughout her over 20 years of marketing experience, she has conducted campaigns for massive companies such as Cisco, Lexus, and BlueCross BlueShield. While the scope of her current position may seem broad, Stacey spends her time working to understand the consumer and corporate needs, building marketing strategies, and monitoring their results. As such, she serves as the expert consultant for many large forces within the insurance market. 

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin joined BlueCross BlueShield in 2004 and has worked her way to her position today as Vice President of Partner Solutions for BlueCross BlueShield South Carolina. She focuses on creating customer-friendly experiences that break the paradigm of how users typically interact with their health insurance providers. 

Throughout her career with BlueCross BlueShield, Sarah has established herself as a true expert on consumer-driven strategies and customer psychology. She continues to pioneer inventive multi-channel communication efforts, incentive programs, and onsite integration techniques. 

Michael Harris

Michael Harris, the Director of Strategic Intelligence for GuideWell, has made a career of developing more effective and more efficient sales operations. He is responsible for Florida Blue's company-wide market assessments and competitive intelligence. 

Prior to his work in health care, Michael was the Director of Market Insights for Cox Newspapers and the Senior Manager of Consumer Insights for The Arizona Republic. With experience aligned at the intersection of health care, media and consumer products, he has a unique window into how health exchanges can make insurance a consumer-centric experience.

Gerald Chiddick

Gerald Chiddick brings passionate and visionary leadership to his role as Vice President of Marketing for Amerisure. Gerald has over 30 years of insurance experience, beginning as an underwriter and climbing through the marketing ranks.

Gerald is community-centric, serving on boards such as the Junior Achievement of Southeastern Michigan, where he served as the chairman, and the National African American Insurance Association and the Detroit Regional Chamber. In all aspects of his career, he is committed to giving teams the tools to break barriers and drive innovation. 

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