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If you’re in the process of evaluating different Market and Competitive Intelligence (M/CI) platforms, two of the most important variables to consider are what your implementation and rollout processes will involve. CI  platforms are complex, and without the right guidance, you risk delaying the benefits of your new software and possibly the reputation of your CI team. 

Whether you’re standing up an entirely new M/CI function, or are investing in more sophisticated technology, it’s absolutely critical that you’re able to start showing value right away. A successful implementation, with a clear demonstration of the value your new platform brings to the organization, is vital to the long-term success and proliferation of competitive intelligence gathering across your organization.

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Avoiding the Cycle of Competitive Intelligence Failure

Competitive intelligence initiatives implemented without the right level of structure often quickly fail, in a process, we at Cipher refer to as the CI Cycle of Death

What typically happens is this: an organization sets up a new M/CI team in response to being caught unaware by a major competitor movement or market shift.

The new team invests in all kinds of data and technologies, but quickly becomes overwhelmed.

Developing actionable competitive intelligence is challenging, while getting bogged down in endless data streams, spreadsheets, and updates is easy.

By the time the next business cycle comes around, the M/CI team is unable to offer any illustration of the value it’s driving. Consequently, it’s shut down. 

We’re passionate believers that this doesn't have to be the case.

That’s why we invest significant resources in the onboarding process for all Knowledge360 tenants. We’re committed to providing new Knowledge360 users advanced levels of support, acting as trusted advisors to ensure that their competitive intelligence efforts help their organization evolve the way they compete.

If you’re considering getting started with Knowledge360, you will see we offer three different engagement options:

  1. A comprehensive onboarding of your team led by our Customer Success team
  2. A joint implementation of Knowledge360 and CI best practices led by one of our Cipher consultants or 
  3. A competitive intelligence as a service (CIaaS) option that replaces your need to develop an internal CI practice

No matter your level of expertise in the world of competitive intelligence, our solutions help you deliver the "quick wins" necessary to ensure you deliver value and evolve the way that your organization uses competitive and market intelligence. 

Let’s explore the three key different ways your organization can get started with Knowledge360 in more detail. 

1. Onboarding with Cipher’s Customer Success Team

At Cipher, we’ve made significant investments in the onboarding experience for new users. Our customer success team, led by Jennifer Knauff, will partner with your organization's Knowledge360 administrator and complete a thorough onboarding process walking you through a proven step-by-step process so your team understands how to leverage it's new tool. This means:

  • Regular meetings with your dedicated Customer Success Manager,
  • Assistance setting up key dashboards, and
  • A range of training materials to share with other Knowledge360 users in your organization.

After the initial onboarding phase, you can expect regular check-ins with your Customer Success Manager to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Knowledge360 subscription, updates on new features, and help addressing any issues that you might have. 

It’s a well-developed process that we’ve honed over many years while onboarding some of the world’s most innovative organizations onto the Knowledge360 platform. The team providing your support is rated as the best in the industry, winning the G2 Award for Best Support in Winter 2021.

Check out what Knowledge360 users have to say about the onboarding process on third-party review sites like Capterra and G2:

“My overall experience right from the evaluation to launch phase has been exceptional. The team behind this tool provides excellent support and is always on hand to address queries. This has helped us customize the tool and filter out noise to enable faster decision making and also saves us a huge amount of time which was previously spent on gathering information.”  –– CI & Marketing Ops, Medical Devices on Capterra

“At first I was a little overwhelmed with all of the platform's features, but after just a few training sessions with my customer success manager, and knowing that I can contact her at any point with questions, I felt much more comfortable.” –– Industry Analyst, Oil & Energy on G2

This onboarding approach is best suited to organizations with an established M/CI function, particularly those looking to upgrade their technology to enable better decision making at scale. 

2. Partner with Cipher’s Competitive Intelligence Consultants

If you’re looking for a more advanced level of support, you can call on Cipher’s team of competitive intelligence consultants at any time. Our team has years of experience running and working with CI functions at some of the world’s most advanced organizations, and will help you understand the CI best practices needed to ensure your success.

Teams just getting started with M/CI, partner with us to help stand up a top-notch CI practice quickly. Our consultants provide in-depth onboarding to Knowledge360, configuring foundational dashboards and data sources and showing you how to master the technology to automate routine tasks. You’ll learn how to set up and run an intelligence function that continuously generates high-quality, dynamically updated intelligence that helps your leadership team make better decisions. 

But the value our consultants can provide isn’t just limited to setting up an all-new CI function or helping existing teams take their work to a new level. There’s a range of other advisory services available, including:

  • Scenario planning and wargaming
  • Strategic planning
  • Counter-CI and risk mitigation
  • Leadership support
  • Custom tool and template development

With years of experience in government and military intelligence agencies, plenty of Big 4 know-how, and a track record of delivering CI success for several Fortune 500 companies, our CI consultants are well-equipped to help your organization evolve the way that it competes. 

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3. Competitive Intelligence as a Service

Building and maintaining comprehensive intelligence coverage on a variety of competitors, market trends, and new technologies doesn’t just feel like a full-time job: it is a full-time job. As companies experience more disruption than ever, rapidly changing customer needs, and new competitors constantly emerging, finding the time to master new competitive intelligence software is never easy. 

That’s where Cipher’s Trends and Competitive Intelligence as a Service offering comes in. Your team supplies us with the trends, competitors, and technologies that matter the most to you, and our team of intelligence experts does the rest. We’ll craft dashboards curated by AI and machine learning that continuously monitor key trends. You can access these dashboards whenever you want, and you’ll also receive daily news and alerts in your inbox, as well as weekly summaries and quarterly newsletters that explore key issues in more detail. 

It’s the perfect solution for teams that are looking to stay a step ahead of the competition, but that lack the time our headcount to invest in mastering and deploying another internal tool. You’ll gain access to the expertise of our consultants, researchers, and analysts, as well as the powerful technology of Knowledge360. All told, it’s an winning way to maximize the ROI of your competitive intelligence investments without putting additional demands on your team. 

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