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Necessity is the mother of invention. In 2020, necessity has revolutionized conferencing. 

Though in-person gatherings have halted for the near future, the demand for competitive intelligence never stops. Without traditional conferencing, virtual events evolved just in time to meet business-to-business needs. 

But virtual conferencing isn’t just delivering compelling alternatives to traditional meetings. It’s introducing us to a new world of remote learning, virtual networking and collaboration. By changing the way we deliver industry education, it is making knowledge more accessible than ever before.

Below, we cover the events your teams can attend to take advantage of this unique opportunity. 

The five must-attend competitive intelligence events are:

Each event is virtual, and several options are entirely free. Regardless of size or availability, every competitive intelligence team will find can’t miss conference offerings. 

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SCIP Intellicon Virtual

The Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is the largest non-profit community of competitive intelligence leaders. Created to promote ethical best practices, they seek to reduce operational risk by providing training and education in critical areas. With worldwide chapters, they provide on-demand education and regular workshops to over 1,500 members.

Their flagship event, the SCIP Intellicon Virtual, will be held November 16-20, 2020. Participants can expect highly focused education, practical skills and actionable best practices. Previous years have heavily emphasized classroom-style learning environments. This year, attendees will receive the same live, small-group settings, with additional on-demand sessions. 

The conference content falls into five categories:

  • Running a high-value CI function
  • Using data, technology and tools to fuel growth
  • Driving revenue and customer value
  • Strategy frameworks to thrive during disruption
  • Leadership and integrity during challenging times

The virtual summit gives attendees a perfect opportunity to research unbiased CI solutions and learn uncompromising best practices. Intellicon attracts more exhibitors than other similar events, but its structure prevents it from becoming a list of sales presentations. 

With a commitment to education, participants will have both the opportunity to learn for themselves and receive unfiltered perspectives from industry leaders. If time constraints limit employees to only one event, SCIP Intellicon will make the best use of their busy schedules. 

Registration is now open for the SCIP Intellicon Virtual summit. 

TDWI Virtual World Conference

For decades, Transforming Data With Intelligence (TDWI) has created an objective environment where businesses can learn the skills they need to extract practical value from their data. 

Specifically, they attempt to better companies’ business intelligence through data competencies, practices and technologies. Distinct from competitive intelligence, business intelligence is one-third of the strategic intelligence triad. As such, it is an essential factor in making any informed strategic decisions. 

This year, TDWI will hold its largest virtual conference to date: the TDWI Virtual World Conference. From December 1-3, 2020, TDWI will offer a fully customizable, entirely virtual conference experience featuring 24 half-day courses across four categories. 

The categories are:

  • Modern Data Management
  • Platforms and Architecture
  • Data strategy & Program Leadership
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence. 

Throughout these courses, attendees can expect:

  • Neutral analysis and best practices
  • Technical, skill-focused courses
  • Interactive Q&As and peer networking
  • Hands-on learning with the newest technologies in the industry

The TDWI Virtual World Conference offers a suitable environment for competitive intelligence professionals to better their data analysis processes and broaden their horizons to better work with their sister companies in business intelligence. 

Click here for more information on the TDWI Virtual World Conference.  


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The ICI Competitive & Market Intelligence International Conference

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) was founded in 2004 and has provided full-time employees with flexible options to become Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Through workshops, conferences and certification classes, the ICI is committed to spreading competitive intelligence knowledge to an otherwise unreached audience.

Equal parts CI summit and online class, the ICI Competitive & Market Intelligence International Conference will offer a unique opportunity for full-time employees to expand their knowledge base. Similar to an online course, the bulk of the material will be self-learning modules, with live networking and presentations interspersed throughout. Self-paced learning allows participants to fit the modules to their schedule and get the most out of the conference day.

The full conference will run from March 9th-May 6th, 2021, in five discrete phases:

  • March 9th: Meet and Greet. Attendees will learn the virtual format, network in randomized coffee trials and review the upcoming topics.
  • March 10th-April 14th: Warm Up Phase. Self-paced learning modules unlock, and participants can take part in several live remote events.
  • April 15th: Conference Day. ICI will broadcast the full presentations and manage live Q&A with presenters
  • April 15th-May 5th: Cool Down Phase. The organizers will upload all conference content and materials to an online learning center for on-demand access. Participants can continue learning at their own pace.
  • May 6th: Final Recap. The leaders will present a final summary of the ICI talks and participants will exchange feedback on the conference as a whole. 

The conference will be an excellent opportunity for U.S.-based professionals to expand their knowledge base to the European market. Its unique format is designed to give full-time employees ample time to explore all available materials. The ICI International Conference is ideal for teams that cannot devote the travel time to conferences or are otherwise unable to step away from day-to-day operations. 

Click here to learn more about the unique ICI Competitive & Market Intelligence International Conference.

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NetBase Quid Live

NetBase Quid offers a consumer and market intelligence platform to better understand the market, trends and competitors through data. NetBase Quid Live, their upcoming virtual conference, gathers industry experts and thought leaders to share how they use those data-driven insights to their advantage. 

It will run November 10-12, 2020 and is entirely free for all attendees. The organizer’s goal is to create an inviting environment to bring complex technology and products to all experience levels. 

From this conference, you can expect:

  • Expert speakers from a wide range of industries
  • Heavy product and solution focus
  • Practical and applicable best practices

This conference is an excellent option for those unsure about the difference this type of analysis can have on their business. With free admission and a focus on accessibility, there is no better conference for first-timers. 

Click here to reserve your spot to NetBase Quid Live. 

AI & Big Data Expo 

For technical CI professionals, TechEx Digital is hosting the AI and Big Data Expo from November 5th to November 6th, 2020. TechEx will co host it with the IoT Tech Expo, the Blockchain Expo, the 5G Expo and the Cyber Security Expo. 

With five concurrent conferences, attendees have an atypical opportunity for cross-industry education. Virtual attendance to all five is free, so participants will have a great selection of talks to attend. Discussions will cover AI, machine learning, healthcare blockchains, smart manufacturing and much more. 

For competitive intelligence professionals, the AI and big data sections will be the most relevant, but there’s no reason to stop there. Attendees who specialize in tech fields, and even those who are merely interested in emergent tech, will find value in the other tracks as well. 

The presentations will be broken into five categories:

AI & Big Data:

  • Applied AI and big data
  • Big data & analytics

IoT Tech:

  • Applied strategies for the IoT
  • IoT sensors and solutions
  • Enterprise IoT - connectivity and transformation 


  • Enterprise Security and Privacy
  • Cloud Strategies


  • Blockchain for enterprise
  • Crypto & digital assets


  • 5G Infrastructure and application
  • Enterprise IoT - connectivity and transformation

Attendees to any of the conferences should expect a focus on cutting edge technology, presented by executive-level speakers. Individuals who can make use of the Cybersecurity, blockchain and 5G aspects of the conference will get the most out of it. However, as a free event, any competitive intelligence professional can take advantage of this opportunity. 

Click here to reserve your spot at the TextEx virtual conference today. 

Cipher for Competitive Intelligence

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