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More and more technology is moving into our daily lives.

We use technology like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant to order take out or schedule events. We have a Roomba clean our floors or a smart refrigerator create our weekly food shopping list. Over time we have come to rely on these tools and others like them to make our lives easier.

But as Competitive Intelligence professionals, we still insist on manually monitoring competitor or news sites daily for updates. We scan journals, clinical trial and patent sites looking for developments. Overall, we spend the majority of our time on the Collection phase of the Intelligence process. Don't believe me? In a recent Cipher webinar, we polled the audience and learned that intelligence professionals spend more than 50% of their time gathering information.

The question becomes, why aren’t we as willing to adopt technology in our intelligence work as we are in our personal lives?

Some of it may be that we have “always done it that way”. Another reason might be that critical sources may be missed or technology products are difficult to use or too costly to implement. I would have agreed with these statements in the past, but just like the Alexa or Roomba tools we use today, technology solutions have become more efficient. Not only more efficient but also effective in capturing competitive intelligence information while the initial ramp-up time and the cost is negligible, compared to the potential time savings.

Technology is an enabler which allows teams to focus on more value-added activities. Cipher’s Knowledge360® automates the collection process, saving time and effort which can be better focused on the Analysis and Recommendations phases of the Intelligence process. It also allows for the content, whether internal or externally sourced, to be saved in a single platform, visually displayed in customized dashboards and shared easily across teams, thereby streamlining efforts.

Moving toward new ways of doing things can be challenging. They can also benefit in ways that could not be imagined previously. Just like Alexa or a smart appliance, a technology solution can become a tool that a competitive intelligence team can rely on to streamline collection activities and allow them to focus on activities that will better serve their organizations.

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