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Actionable insights gained from competitive intelligence often have a short shelf life. To take advantage of opportunities, organizations must receive information early and often. According to Frost & Sullivan’s global survey (download .pdf), “Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Priorities,” two of the top challenges facing competitive intelligence executives today are:

  • Packaging and communicating competitive data and insights to drive stakeholder decision-making; and
  • Developing an integrated competitive insights dashboard to support decision-making.

Our conversations with customers have reflected these sentiments and additionally have included feedback on how much time CI professionals spend finding and assessing the data for reports. We hear, “I don't have access to the external data I need,” or, “I spend too much time searching through and maintaining the information I already have.” Cipher’s new competitive intelligence tool, Knowledge360™, was designed specifically to address the challenges of communicating in a timely way. Through the software’s Company and Report modules, users can quickly develop anything from daily updates to custom briefings in minutes. Do you need a snapshot of a company’s performance and latest activities? The Company module’s Dashboard View provides company-specific financial data, organizational information, news and more. Views of company data are available in pre-configured System Views, as well as user-created views. Views can be shared throughout your organization.

Knowledge360’s Dashboard View Consolidates Data from Multiple Proprietary Sources Are you preparing research reports for corporate development initiatives, or distributing a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter to your team? Knowledge360’s Reports module allows you to build fully-customized documents by simply dragging and dropping data, analyses and content into your page. Report components are accessed via widgets that contain data sources, analyses, graphs, news and other content. Widgets can be manually configured with just the information you want to communicate. In the News widget below, you can select the headlines that you want to share, or present automatic content based on parameters such as time period or keywords.

Create Custom Reports with Configurable Widgets

The Widget Drawer contains system data from proprietary sources, as well as analyses that you have created using this data. Comparison charts or graphs can be dragged, dropped and re-sized into your report. The Free Text widget allows you to add your observations and conclusions.

Drag, Drop and Re-size Content with a Report Builder

Historically, CI practitioners have to focus so much time on information collection and sorting, that they’re forced to neglect the actual analysis. Knowledge360™ flips this model, streamlining information collection and data refinement so that you’re able to focus on what really matters. And, with powerful reporting tools, you can deliver critical information within your organization faster.

To schedule a demo of Knowledge360™, or read more about how to spend less time gathering and organizing information and more time delivering actionable insights. 

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