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Recent research by Deloitte found that approximately 9,000 new biopharmaceutical R&D partnerships were formed from 2005 to 2014 which is 2x more than the amount formed from 1995–2004.  The consortium model saw a nine-fold increase in that period, with 334 new consortia formed and more partnerships forming in earlier stages of the R&D process.

Deloitte describes these collaborations as more diverse in terms of the stakeholders involved with innovative biopharmaceutical companies acting as integrators.  As integrators, biopharmaceutical companies need a means by which they can identify and track collaborators not previously on their radar or new entrants as they emerge, as well as manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders.

Collaboration comes with its own set of complex challenges.

Companies are facing questions such as:

  1. What other companies, joint ventures, or consortia are already working in our therapeutic areas of interest?
  2. How to I find partners to collaborate with early in the process?
  3. How can I track the numerous pieces of data that these collaborations create?
  4. How can I share the data on these collaborations with others?

Even in a collaborative environment, biopharmaceutical companies need to identify and track the activities of entities in their therapeutic areas of interest.  Many companies are turning to software automation to address these challenges. Having a software solution in place that automates this process saves time and resources and allows teams to focus their efforts on more value-added activities.

Using Cipher’s Knowledge360® software, a user can set up a Company Dashboard to automate the collection of competitive intelligence including News/Press Releases, Job Postings, Social Media, Financials, Patents, SEC filings, etc., and display the results in a single view, thereby eliminating the need to monitor for the release of updates or search for content.

Dashboards are completely customizable and update automatically as new data becomes available.

Additionally, if there is a need to track the activities of a particular compound, disease state, or entity, a user can set up a Topic Dashboard in Knowledge360®. The system’s semantic tagging and natural language processing capabilities allow for robust discovery and analysis which helps to uncover a new potential partner or entrant.

Knowledge360® automates the process of aggregating, tagging, and organizing structured and unstructured content from both internal and external sources.

Real collaboration can be a challenge when a project has a myriad of regulatory, clinical trial, legal, patent, or other data related to it.  The Knowledge360® Documents repository manages workflows by providing a single source for collection, dissemination, and access.  The advanced features enable a user to perform advanced Boolean searches as well as drill down on trends through layers of pre-loaded filters, further expediting the information sorting and refinement process.

Use the search box or the filters on the right to drill down to the exact document you are looking for faster than traditional methods.

Knowledge360®'s newest feature, Projects, provides the ability for users to organize and collaborate on project-specific content in one place and track comments as team members contribute to its progress.

Easily view the Project Summary, including most commented and liked articles.

Being an innovator in the biopharmaceutical industry today means not only focusing internally on advancing individual assets but also externally as a collaborator with others in the quest to deliver new treatments to patientsKnowledge360® consolidates all your information in one place and applies advanced semantic tagging and analysis to make it easier to identify trends in your data—allowing you to focus more of your time on analysis.

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Insights from Dawn Faint, Director of Life Sciences at Cipher - Dawn helps companies in the Life Sciences space map their competitive environment, develop intelligence strategies which identify risks, and position them for future growth. Prior to joining Cipher, Dawn worked for many years in the Healthcare space in leadership roles at Cigna, Schering-Plough, Pharmacia (now Pfizer) and Johnson & Johnson companies Ortho Biotech and Ortho-McNeil, and in the Management Consulting space for Right Management.