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In a recent LinkedIn article discussing Competitive Intelligence and Automation, Partha Sarathi Bhattacharjee, Research Affiliate for MIT, identified a common sense need for automation to help market researchers and intelligence analysts “meaningfully interlink large scale data.” His argument, with which we agree, is that humans possess limited cognitive abilities to reliably interconnect large scale data.

To illustrate how a competitive intelligence software such as our own Knowledge360® can solve this challenge for market researchers in the pharmaceutical industry, we have taken the example of a drug under clinical development (outlined in the original post) and detailed a step-by-step process for researching this topic using competitive intelligence software. Knowledge360® is the only SaaS solution on the market that supports every aspect of the market intelligence process – dramatically freeing up analysts’ time to allow them to focus on what they do best: developing competitor analysis and strategic insights. 

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Topic: Obeticholic Acid OR Ocaliva

  1. Create a Topic for Obeticholic Acid. (30 seconds)
  2. Upon saving your Topic, determine if you would like to set-up a saved search, daily email alert, and/or a Dashboard of these search terms. (30 seconds)
  3. As you sip your coffee… Knowledge360® scours the Internet for News articles and Press Releases based on your search terms, then tags everything using semantic technology. This process may take a few minutes based on the amount of discoverable information. (1 - 10 Minutes)
  4. Navigate to the Topic Dashboard, which contains News (automated), Press Releases (automated), Job Postings (automated), Documents (internal), and Field Intelligence (internal) all semantically analyzed and tagged to your Topic. (5 seconds)
  5. Customize the Dashboard based on your desired preferences. In our example, we removed some internal content and added Adverse Events, Patents (from our Life Sciences module), and a Twitter search. (5 minutes)

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Companies: Intercept Pharmaceuticals and Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma (makers of the drug)

  1. Subscribe to the two Companies (30 seconds)
  2. While you check your email… Knowledge360® gathers up all the News articles, Press Releases, and Job Postings associated with the company names and aliases, then tags everything using semantic technology. This process may take a few minutes based on the amount of discoverable information.
    (1 - 10 Minutes)
  3. Access your new Company Dashboard* and customize the layout to include the information you care about most, including News, Financials, Job Postings, and so on. In our example, we chose to include a Company Overview, News, Twitter, Financial Chart, and the Stock Ticker (5 minutes)

    *From the Company Dashboard view users can swap out tracked companies and review the same feeds for any company in the system.

Knowledge360 Company Dashboard

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Internal Knowledge / Market Research: Your Documents and Field Intelligence

  1. Upload Documents and Field Intelligence through the drag-and-drop tool or via email submission.
    (30 seconds)
  2. Turn your attention to the latest trending topic on social media... Meanwhile, all the content within your documents is being processed by Knowledge360 ® using semantic tagging and analysis--making it easier for you to find and filter key items posted on social media platforms later. This process may take a few minutes based on the amount of discoverable information. (1 - 5 Minutes)
  3. Search and filter for important content, add Documents widgets with keyword filters to your Dashboards, set up email alerts for any new Documents added by colleagues that include your keyword. You're all set! No additional setup or taxonomy required. (5 Minutes)

Total Time Spent: 20-40 Minutes

Our analysis has shown that Knowledge360 ® can yield a 450% increase in analyst time spent on actual market and competitor analysis. Knowledge360 ® consolidates all your information in one place and applies advanced semantic tagging and analysis to make it easier to identify trends in your data-allowing you to focus more of your time on competitor analysis. This award-winning, SCIP Certified solution provides users with unparalleled competitive analysis tools for Intelligence and Information automation and support, Knowledge Management, and Collaboration and Sharing. Knowledge360 ® is the industry leading solution for marketing, strategy and intelligence professionals looking for a competitor analysis tool. Our clients include the world's greatest companies in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries.

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