Knowledge360® Recognized by SCIP as Top-Ranked Intelligence Software Solution

May 10, 2017  CI SoftwareEvents

Cipher’s Knowledge360® has been exclusively awarded the coveted SCIP Certified™ “Gold Seal”

For the second year in a row, Cipher’s Knowledge360® has earned the coveted SCIP Certified™ gold seal endorsement from Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). This recognition distinguishes Knowledge360® as the industry’s number one intelligence software solution for competitive and market intelligence professionals.

Out of the 9 intelligence solutions evaluated in this year’s SCIP Intelligence Product Assessment, Knowledge360® was the only solution to meet 80% or more of the SCIP evalQuad™ qualifications and earn the Certified distinction. Each product was scored on three criteria benchmarked against 21 IT standard features as part of the assessment process.

“SCIP is an organization at the forefront of the integrated intelligence movement that’s changing the perception of what it means to work in competitive intelligence. Likewise, our Knowledge360® solution is time and time again recognized as the go-to, game-changing solution for the modern-day intelligence researcher and analyst. The SCIP Certified™ endorsement really emphasizes the value our solution provides to the SCIP members and their organizations.” - Peter Grimm, CEO, Cipher

In 2016, Knowledge360® was recognized as the first-ever solution to receive the SCIP Certified™ endorsement. This recognition marked Knowledge360® as a game-changing solution for the SCIP membership.

“Cipher completed a rigorous evaluation process for IT based tools in the highly competitive field of intelligence, insights and analytics in order to receive the SCIP Certified™ endorsement. SCIP Certified™ and SCIP Endorsed™ solutions are held in high regard internationally for the variety of impact analysis solutions they provide to the SCIP membership. Knowledge360® is one of the most recognized intelligence applications on the market today and we are happy to be able to offer this innovative solution to our members.” - Nanette Bulger, CEO and Executive Director, SCIP

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