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Make smarter, faster decisions with the world’s most innovative partner.

The world’s greatest companies trust Cipher. Our team combines strategy experience from top-tier consulting firms, industry expertise from Fortune 100 companies, and analytical prowess honed in briefings of top-level executives, up to and including, the President of the United States. We offer the broadest set of perspectives and the most capable team of intelligence experts available anywhere.

Following a decades-long history of innovation that dates back to 1996, our newest solution, Knowledge360®, is powered by the most advanced technologies in semantic analysis and natural language processing. And while our capacity to deliver all the resources you need has grown over the last 20 years, we remain small enough to stay as responsive, nimble, and innovative as we were on our first day.

Whether it’s delivering cutting-edge technology solutions, partnering with clients on research and analysis, or advising the C-Suite on effective strategy, the world’s greatest companies trust us to deliver actionable results.

  • DOW
  • Xerox
  • Cigna
  • Toyota
  • Aetna

2017 Best-Run Company

These companies in the Baltimore/Washington DC region are leading their industries, have overcome significant challenges and have created lasting value in their communities.

Top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2017

"The companies on this list create solutions that help their customers turn vast amounts of data into usable knowledge that they can leverage to enhance collaboration, gain insights and achieve their goals.”

20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016

“Cipher helps clients craft and execute smarter, more effective corporate strategies by providing world-class services and solutions.”

Top 10 Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016

“We are glad to showcase Cipher this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology driven solutions.”