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Free Download: The 5 Stages of Competitive Intelligence Maturity

Competitive intelligence is a key practice for making strategic business decisions and becoming an industry leader. But if you're new to CI, then creating a CI plan, gathering data and developing actionable insights from that data can be an overwhelming process.

As CI experts with years of experience, we at Cipher want to share our inside tips for successfully integrating CI into your business strategy. We've broken the CI process down into these 5 stages of maturity:

  1. Creating a competitive intelligence plan
  2. Competitive intelligence information gathering
  3. Organizing competitive intelligence data
  4. Information analysis, and
  5. Competitive intelligence production and dissemination.

In this guide, we will walk you through each stage, outline best practices and strategies for each and show you how to leverage CI for maximum benefit to your business.

Are you ready to use CI to navigate the market with lasting success? Download our guide to get started.