Knowledge360® represents a revolutionary advance in competitive intelligence and knowledge management. Whether your company is preparing to enter a new market or defending against newcomers and rivals, your business needs competitive intelligence to stay ahead in today’s fast-moving global economy.

The challenge for many companies is finding time to collect, organize and analyze all of the information necessary to understand what the competition is doing right now and what they are likely to do next. Knowledge360® is a groundbreaking solution that gives you insight into your competition with comprehensive competitor information, cutting-edge analytics, and robust knowledge management tools, all while saving you time and money.

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Key Benefits

Competitive Intelligence

Knowledge360® is a game-changing competitive intelligence solution that supports all phases of the intelligence process – data collection, aggregation, indexing/filtering, searching, analysis, reporting, and collaboration – by automating processes, streamlining workflow, optimizing time management, and enhancing the value provided by each user.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge360® allows human analysts to spend less time collecting and organizing information so they can focus on developing strategic insights. Powerful semantic analytics and leading-edge natural language processing technology, automates the process of aggregating, tagging, and organizing structured and unstructured content from both internal and external sources.

Workflow and Collaboration

Knowledge360® enables workflow and collaboration with intuitive sharing and permissions tools. Whether collaborating within a team, communicating across divisions, or coordinating with Business Development, Sales, and/or R&D professionals in the field, users can share and review all the knowledge they need in one intuitive platform.

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