Competitive & Market Intelligence

Understand your competitive environment

Since 1996, Cipher has delivered on our commitment to help our clients better understand their competitors' strategies, determine their relative position in the marketplace, and leverage market insights strategically to maximize their competitive advantage. We help our clients effectively harness competitive, market, and business intelligence to develop actionable insights and “see around the corner” when making strategic decisions.

Our Services

Market Intelligence

Understand your dynamic marketplace.

Identify competitive gaps, current threats and opportunities to develop strategies that maximize your advantage. 

  • Marketplace Assessment
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Customer Profiles
  • Surveys & Interviews

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Competitor Intelligence

Understand your competitive environment.

Convert competitor research into actionable analysis and develop more innovative, resilient, and effective strategies.

  • Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • Competitor & Product Profiles
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Monitoring
  • Win/Loss Analysis

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Risk Intelligence 

Detect and plan for market & competitive disruptions. 

Detect and analyze disruptions early so you can adjust course to pursue new opportunities or avoid losses.  

  • Trend Identification & Monitoring
  • Scenario Planning & Wargaming
  • Overseas Partner Due Diligence
  • Third Party Risk

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