About Us: Cipher Competitive Intelligence

Established in 1996, Cipher Systems is a strategic and competitive intelligence consulting firm that supports decision makers across industries and around the world. Cipher specializes in hard-to-answer custom strategic research questions, and can deliver the information you need to make better business decisions.

Our analysts specialize in difficult-to-collect primary research and in-depth secondary support and analysis. Supported by our own technology team, we create customized solutions that provide a blend of technology and research expertise to ably address your most difficult intelligence needs.

Cipher is based outside of Washington, DC in Annapolis, MD, with offices in San Diego, CA, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Zug, Switzerland.

Our Solutions:

Competitive Intelligence Consulting and Custom Strategic Research. Cipher's consulting services are designed to provide you with strategic insight into all aspects of your marketplace. All engagements are custom and proprietary to your business, and may include competitor profiling, market and industry audits, acquisition due diligence, investor identification and other deliverables specific to your research interests.

Competitive Intelligence Software. Cipher's award-winning competitive intelligence software solutions, Knowledge.Works and Knowledge.Hub, are designed to help you manage information overflow by automating data collection and categorization. Built with extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, both systems save you time and energy, allowing you to concentrate on more strategic value-add analysis, and to more ably share vital information throughout the organization.